Many recipe sites that espouse healthy recipes are often not so. Over the years I have searched for various healthy recipes and found that many “healthy recipe” sites simply substitute the known “baddies” and replace them with the latest popular “goodies”.

For example, sugar is having a bad rap at the moment, for very valid reasons, so it is prudent to remove as much sugar from the diet as possible. However, in doing so many “healthy recipe” writers simply substitute the sugar for the same quantity of maple syrup or honey, for example. Whilst maple syrup and honey are both ‘natural’ products (and do have some minor extra nutrients), so is sugar. Furthermore, both maple syrup and honey are simple carbohydrates just like sugar, having the same effect as sugar in your diet.

The key to ensuring a recipe is healthy is to substitute the unhealthy items with items that are also healthy for you. For example, when needing to sweeten food you could try using grated apple or softened dates. This way you a not substituting bad with bad.

My recipes aim to not only be healthier but also aim to ensure that it is simpler to reach the required daily intake of vegetables, grains and fibre whilst helping to reduce the daily over indulgence in sugar, salt and saturated fats.